Blackland Innovations



Welcome to Blackland Innovations (BMI SSA), where we are dedicated to building better businesses in Ghana and beyond.


We’re on a mission to design, build and grow better businesses – to see a vibrant, sustainable, and prosperous Sub-Saharan Africa that thrives on intra-regional trade and is fueled by innovative businesses.


We aim to be a catalyst for sustainable business development in Sub-Saharan Africa by bridging the gap between data and capital, and providing businesses of all sizes with the access, tools and support needed to thrive in a challenging economic environment.


Our core values underscore our commitment to "NYANSAPO - Wisdom knot" Symbol of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and patience. A much revered symbol of the Akan, it conveys the idea that, "a wise person has the capacity to choose the best means to attain a goal"

Catalyzing the Sub-saharan Africa Innovation Ecosystem:

Our strategic partnership is focused on fostering the growth of the Sub-saharan African innovation ecosystem